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About Seal Design

Seal Design is an affiliate of Dicor Corporation dedicated to supplying RV manufacturers with leading edge sealant solutions for making high quality, more reliable RVs and other vehicles. Seal Design looks for the best solutions, often from other industries, that it can effectively apply to RVs. It always researches and delivers innovative and proven products and processes to help manufacturers boost quality and efficiency on the assembly line. It is dedicated to providing ongoing service and training for production line workers.

Greg Kelly
As the General Manager of Seal Design, Greg Kelly is changing the face of sealing technologies in the RV industry.

Kelly attended Indiana University in Bloomington where he earned bachelor degrees in Psychology and Business Marketing from the Kelley School of Business. Between 1980 and 1983 Kelly was a Brand Manager for Proctor & Gamble in Cincinnati and graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington with a Master in Business Administration. A leader in the business community, Kelly is an active member of the Elkhart Noon Rotary and was recognized as the Indiana Businessman of the year in 1998, Who's Who in Business.

Not content with "business as usual," Kelly is leading the paradigm shift from traditional foam, caulks and tapes to robotically assisted cross-link hot melt polymer sealants. These are modern technologies that do not shrink, cold flow, sag and do not contain VOC's. One sealant replaces dozens of SKUs, eliminates cap seals and vastly improves lifetime sealing performance.