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Perma-Fit™ Cargo Door Seals

Perma-Fit is an advanced technology, non-cellular thermoplastic vulcanate (TPV) now available in clip bulb seals for cargo doors and other places where such seals are appropriate.

Seal Design cargo door seals are a one-piece bulb and clip co-extrusion rather than separate clip and bulb components glued together. This results in an automotive grade seal that’s virtually indestructible for the life of the doors.

TPV seals also offer a much more durable option than EPDM bulb seals, which are often over compressed by manufacturers seeking a tighter seal. The open cell structure of EPDM seals is not made to be compressed more than 30 percent, but manufacturers often compress the seal by as much as 70 percent. In this case, the open cell structure of EPDM seals will quickly break down, causing the seal to fail, with leaking the likely consequence. The seals can also shrink and become brittle.

Seal-Tite™ Hot Melt

Seal-Tite™ is an advanced technology hot melt sealing product that can replace all putties, caulks and most foam products used to seal windows, doors and extrusions in RVs today. Seal-Tite is a cross-link polymer, applied with a hot gun or with automated equipment in high volume situations, reducing labor by as much as 80%. This 97% solid polymer eliminates the need for cap seals and does not cold flow, reducing waste, while providing a much more reliable, long lasting seal. 

Touch-N-Seal™ Standard Formula

Touch-N-Seal is a polyurethane foam for structural insulation and sealing. Standard formula is a two-component system for many applications where fiberglass insulation might otherwise be used. It is sprayed on in liquid form and within a minute expands and cures into a solid that completely fills crevices or gaps, preventing water intrusion while enhancing insulation — an
R-Value of 7.2 per inch compared to a typical R-Value of 3.2 per inch for RV fiberglass insulation. It also bolsters the structural integrity of the RV.

  • Two component foam kits are available as portable, self-contained units. They include A and B cylinders, P2 applicator gun with 10 ft. hoses, extra-spray nozzles, assembly wrench, latex gloves, lubricant, pre-connected hoses and instructions.
  • Quick Cure portable foam canisters also available.