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Making a Real Difference in RVs

Consumers don't accept cars that leak, and cars don't. Neither do most trucks, trains, busses and other means of transportation. The use of advanced technology sealants is one of the prime reasons for this. Providing weather-tight and energy efficient solutions for RVs is a mission we have taken on because, frankly, its time has come. Leaks and the durability of sealants have been at the top of the RVer complaint list for decades, and unfortunately the same old sealants and manufacturing processes keep being used, leading to poor outcomes in the RV lifecycle. For example:

  • Putties, caulks and most foam products must be compressed at least 30 percent to be effective and this is a difficult judgment that line workers often get wrong. This results in excess cold sealant flow that can greatly diminish performance.
  • The difference between the EPDM extrusions used today by RV builders and the advanced TPV extrusions now used in cars is very significant. The latter uses solid, close-cell material that performs better and longer and does not deteriorate quickly with weather and UV exposure.
  • Another concern is that fiberglass insulation can soak up leaking water and retain it inside the walls, roof and other structures — where it rots the wood, creates mold and weakens the structure. This is tremendously aggravating to the RV owner, who may not discover the leak until serious damage has been done, resulting in an expensive repair that keeps the RV off the road for an extended time.
  • For the manufacturer, current sealant applications can result in 20 to 30 percent waste, while new products on the market can virtually eliminate it. Furthermore, the great number of SKUs used by different manufacturers add to inventory costs and waste, not to mention taking up valuable space. To end these problems, Seal Design introduced Seal-Tite™, Touch-N-Seal™ and Perma-Fit™ as three top-performing sealants that can make a real difference for RVs.

Three Advanced New Seal Technologies

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These advanced sealants can help eliminate water intrusion and save time and money for manufacturers and consumers. In fact, used together, they make for an ideal system that can replace virtually all the sealants now used to provide better safety, function, durability and energy efficiency. It's a simple yet effective system that addresses the RVer's number one concern. Yet also, any one sealant can be used to shore up particular problem areas in RV construction. Whatever the use, we work with manufacturers every step of the way to ensure a quality manufacturing process that produces optimum results.

Energy Star rated
An extra benefit of Seal Design is that all core products are Energy Star rated for having met EPA standards for protecting the environment. All core products have also been approved in outside markets by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) which is the staple for commercial and residential construction. These are the only sealant products certified in the RV industry. More