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Production use of Seal-Tite™ Sealing System getting ‘industry-changing’ results

ELKHART, Ind. — The newly developed automated Seal-Tite Sealing System for RV windows, doors and moldings from Seal Design, has seen stunning initial results  on  RV production lines, according to Greg Kelly, general manager of Seal Design, a Dicor Corporation affiliate.

The Seal-Tite™ Sealing System uses an automatic hand-assist sealing platform that lays down a consistent, pre-programmed bead size for sealing windows, baggage and entrance doors, storage hatches, exterior outlets and other exterior accessory components. The dispensing system, controlled by the operator with the help of an x/y automatic assist mechanism, will dispense the same size bead of Seal-Tite hot melt sealant no matter how fast or slow the operator works.

A complete system was initiated by Open Range RV and operational set-up for RV windows began in July. By early fall the system was averaging 250 windows a day with one man operating the controls for six hours. Previously it would have taken eight men to do the same number of windows using hand taping procedures in two separate plants.

With a completely consistent bead of the quality sealant, air- tight product testing showed a virtual 0 defect for 250 windows a day.  In addition, Kelly estimates that the initial upfront savings to be substantial per month.

“Manufacturers can realize a return on investment just on the elimination of cap seal material, scrap and inventory costs alone,” said Kelly. “The big thing this system does is simplify things. Training is simplified, production is simplified, space considerations are simplified, inventory and the inventory accounting process are simplified. Furthermore, we’ve developed a leasing program that makes the initial cost very affordable.”

But the biggest payoff is yet to be realized, said Kelly. “That will come when we start seeing results from the units that have been constructed with the help of this system that are now in use,” said Kelly. “When we start seeing a reduction in leak problems and warranty claims, that will be the big payoff for our customers.”

“What we are doing right now with this system and with our customers is a process of continuous improvement.  We are helping our customers integrate this into production processes among other things. We expect to soon start using this system for sealing all exterior doors and moldings as well.”

A major RV manufacturer will start integrating a fully XYZ automatic footprint of the system into its production process in February. Seal Design is also working with several other major manufacturers on an automated process for applying exterior moldings.  “What we’re working toward is a complete, automatic sealing process for the entire exterior of the RV,” said Kelly.

Kelly sees these initiatives as “industry-changing steps toward a more automotive approach to RV production and quality. Quite simply, we’re introducing more control, including much more quality control, into the RV manufacturing process which, in terms of things like leaks and warranty claims, promises to be a big win for consumers and manufacturers.”

For more information about this and other Seal Design products, visit www.sealdesignllc.com.

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