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Seal Design's Corner Seal now available online

ELKHART, Ind. — Strong demand for Seal Design’s breakthrough product, Corner Seal, sparked the creation of the new buy-direct website feature on sealdesignllc.com. The product has only been available for purchase online for a few weeks, and yet it is already bringing in record sales for Seal Design, an affiliate of Dicor Corporation.

Seal Design’s new Seal-Tite™ Corner Seal tape is made to be applied where RV panels join at the corner of RV walls. The elastomeric material sticks and conforms to any smooth or irregular surface, including S-locks. Two videos demonstrating its easy application can be viewed here.

Seal Design was prompted to join the e-commerce market after many RV service centers began supplying feedback about the potential of selling Corner Seal, and other products of its kind, online. This concept was then explored even more when several RV owners contacted Seal Design inquiring about the availability of the product.

“Sales to do-it-yourself RVers and RV service centers have been nothing less than amazing,” says Greg Kelly, general manager of Seal Design. “We had our first order within an hour of going live with the new online system.

“We understand that dealers may not always carry the more obscure, detail-specific products,” Kelly says. “This new resource will allow RV owners and dealers to quickly obtain this essential ingredient for stopping corner leaks, and will also help RV service centers avoid the inventory costs that come with stocking these kinds of items.”

“We are looking forward to expanding online sales for other difficult-to-source items,” Kelly added. “Seal Design develops the absolute best sealants and tapes for all areas of RV maintenance, and online sales will allow us to make these other sealants and tapes more readily available.”

The Dicor Corporation is a major, long-time supplier to the RV industry through its affiliated companies: Dicor Products, Seal Design, United Shade and Vixen Composites. Although selling a wide range of products, all Dicor Corporation companies commonly thrive as customer-driven and focused on simplicity, innovation and customer confidence in whatever they sell.


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