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Seal-Tite™ Sealing System offers industry breakthrough in automatic sealing technology

ELKHART, Ind. — Seal Design, a Dicor Corporation affiliate, is currently in serious discussions with six major RV manufacturers involving a new robotic sealing system that promises significant advances in seal quality and cost-reducing production efficiencies.

The Seal-Tite™ Sealing System uses an automatic hand-assist sealing apparatus that lays down a consistent, pre-programmed bead size for sealing windows, doors, storage hatches, exterior outlets, water fill and other exterior accessory components. The dispenser, controlled by the operator with the help of an x/y automatic assist mechanism, will release the same size bead of Seal-Tite hot melt sealant no matter how fast or slow the operator works.

“This is the first semi or fully automatic system that is likely to be adopted by the RV industry,” said Greg Kelly, general manager of Seal Design.

Testing has yielded very positive results. A series of environmental tests found the applied seals to be 100 percent water proof, while also scoring high marks in ease of use, production efficiency and inventory reduction.

“We have shown, with demo tests conducted by major manufacturers, that this system is extremely efficient when it comes to the manufacturing process and produces a consistent quality result,” said Kelly. “The demos show there is also very little training needed with the robotic assist. We had product managers and executives using it with no problems.”

Kelly estimates that the monthly cost of the Seal-Tite Sealing System to seal 30 units a day to be less than half of current hand-applied procedures. In addition, there is considerable savings in waste material and in inventory for tape sealant and cap sealant.

“Manufacturers can realize a return on investment in less than a year just on the cap seal material and the scrap savings alone,” said Kelly. “The big thing this system does is simplify things. Training is simplified, production is simplified, scrap collection is simplified, inventory and the inventory accounting process is simplified. Furthermore, we’ve developed a leasing program that makes the initial cost very affordable.”

The hand-assist system can also be upgraded into a totally robotic system for even greater efficiency said Kelly.  “This technology represents a big breakthrough for the RV industry. “The potential impact on the RV manufacturing process and the demand for more leak resistant RVs is tremendous.”

For more information about this and other Seal Design products, visit www.sealdesignllc.com.

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