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Factory Friendly
Commonly used sealants cost manufacturers money. Audits we've conducted for RV manufacturers have shown typical scrap rates for sealants of 20 to 30 percent. Cold flow, trimmed excess, mistakes, etc. end up on the floor. RV manufacturers paid for that 20 to 30 percent and it goes in the landfill!

Managing inventory also costs money. How many different sealants are used in your plant? More than two could be too many. A study for one RV manufacturer found more than 70 different sealant SKUs. Ordering, inventory, waste and material handling all explode costs in terms of time and money.

Seal Design provides specialized support for RV manufacturers to help ensure your production process applies sealants in the most effective and efficient way possible. This includes looking at inventory issues, ease of cleanup, employee safety, waste collection and recycling, and other environmental issues, while finding the best production path for our products.

Some of our products offer tremendous efficiencies by replacing dozens of current SKUs and by reduceing application time. Seal-Tite™, for example, can be robotically applied, saving significant production labor time and ensuring exceptional and consistent quality by eliminating human error. Manual Seal-Tite application can also be a major time saver versus common seals used today. In one OEM test, a line worker using Seal-Tite sealed the same doors and windows on an identical RV in one-fourth the time it took using standard sealants.

Touch-N-Seal™, for another example, can insulate RV walls quickly and easily with its spray-in foam that rapidly cures and, most important from a factory friendly standpoint, it takes up 95 percent less storage room than needed for the rolls of fiberglass it replaces.

Perhaps most important, you can get the expertise required to integrate all sealing products into your production process from Seal Design. Seal Design can write process controls and establish an audit sequence for all products purchased. We have created process production procedures for all three core technologies of spray foam, hot melt sealing and TPV extrusions. This is very important in establishing the highest quality installations possible.