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Exceptional Service


At Seal Design we have a highly proactive philosophy regarding service for RV manufacturers and other customers for our products. Because sealants are so critical to the quality of RV enjoyment and long-term ownership experience, our goal is to do everything possible to help manufacturers select the right sealants for every need and then do everything we can to promote the proper use and application of the products. The proper sealant is only effective if applied correctly, so we are very focused on helping manufacturers with process control.

We start with process design to help manufacturers identify the best processes for sealing their products and design systems for those processes.

We then recommend the most appropriate and efficient products to match the process design.

We write and provide process controls in how to use each of our products properly on the production line.

Then we follow up on the back end with a design/process audit to make sure our customers are using our products according to the process controls. We audit and feedback whether each Seal Design product is being used for the right sealing task, proper storage of sealants and correct application of each product.

Taking service to the next level
Everything we do is aimed at reducing the incidence of error in using our products. But we are now taking it to the next level by introducing technologies that remove complexity from the process and ultimately remove the possibility of human error altogether.

Automation is the answer to totally consistent application of some key sealants and Seal Design is the only company helping to bring this level of capability to the RV industry. The first example of how Seal Design is starting to revolutionize the manufacturing process through automation is robotic application equipment for Seal-Tite™ Hot Melts. See more about Seal-Tite here.

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Seal Design LLc