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Seal Design FAQ


Why is water intrusion still so high on the list of consumer concerns about RVs?
Basically, because RVs are still built the same way as they were 25 years ago, using the same sealants and manufacturing processes. RV manufacturers go to great lengths to seal their RVs but many of the products being used are not very forgiving when it comes to the application process. One big example is the putty tape seals used to seal most exterior RV fixtures (windows, etc.). This product works adequately if the window or extrusion is attached using the right pressure. However, it is far too easy and far too common to over-tighten the fixture, squeezing out the putty and compromising the seal. That’s why we are introducing new technologies such as Seal-Tite hot melts that replace putty tapes. Seal-Tite can be applied with robots to get the exact correct amount without waste, and it will not squeeze out, even if over-tightened. It is thus the ideal material to help overcome some of the normal sealant installation issues in RVs.

How can I purchase Seal Design products?
Seal-Tite products can be purchased through Dicor Products at

Seal Design LLc

Seal Design LLc